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TRISSINA is a unique and original leather accessory. Conceived as an "upgrade of the clutch" it is perfect for those looking for a practical and roomy handcrafted product to use every day........
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The clutch bag is becoming more and more present as an accessory in the daily life of men and women. Officina della Pelle has interpreted this "classic" in a simple way but with the usual care and attention to detail: choice of the best leathers, craftsmanship entirely made by hand in its laboratory in Lucca. The result is a product of quality, lightness and resistance, essential and of great elegance.
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The funny pack produced by Officina della Pelle, made entirely by hand, is a versatile and comfortable accessory to wear even over the shoulder. It can also go around the waist like a classic pouch, but our idea was precisely to revise the very concept of fanny pack in a more modern key, trying to intercept the needs of younger customers who are attentive to market trends. The leather is tanned with vegetable tannins, like all our accessories, th