Negozio in via Fillungo

Officina della Pelle was born in Lucca in 2010, when the Capuozzo family was inspired to transform and expand the business started in the 70’s by the then young Antonio. At that time, Antonio, a specialist in processing leather, became a skilled artistic bookbinder, earning the trust of not only the most well-known antiquarian bookstores in Naples but also the prestigious National Library for whom he became a regular contractor.

As time went by, Antonio’s children also learned the skills and secrets of the trade, always respecting their father’s philosophy that every single item should be handled with absolute attention to detail. With the new generation joining him full time in the workshop, the catalogue increased, expanding into the field of leather goods with the production of high quality bags and belts. As their range grew, so did the need to introduce their work to a wider public.

Negozio in via della Fratta

An overwhelmingly positive public response encouraged the artisans to expand their range even further as they developed and produced new items, all made exclusively of the highest quality leather. In 2004 the family moved to Lucca where Antonio, his sons, Salvatore and  Mario, and daughter, Annamaria, created dozens of different items all made with the best leather from some of the most renowned tanneries in Tuscany.

In 2008, after opening our original shop in Via della Fratta, we completely relaunched the website (now, dedicated entirely to  e-commerce in Italy and abroad.

Negozio in via San Paolino

In June 2012, the new Officina della Pelle shop dedicated entirely to the sale of artisanal leather goods opened in the heart of Lucca’s historic centre at 196 Via Fillungo, close to Piazza Santa Maria. 

Thanks to our consistent choice of the best leathers and our constant search for new ideas, our clientele immediately embraced this new shop as a point of reference for connoisseurs of artistry in leather. In 2015, we opened a third shop at 12 Via San Paolino, just a few steps away from the prestigious Piazza San Michele.

That same year saw the birth of our innovative “OneMore” project - a belt for everyone, made exclusively of leather tanned with vegetable tannins derived from tree bark, chosen for its extraordinary strength and softness, now patented and sold in our shops and online.